Ofcom rules out investigating The Great British Bake Off’s ‘bincident’

Communications watchdog Ofcom says it will not investigate The Great British Bake Off‘s ‘bincident’ row after viewers complained about the alleged sabotage of  Iain Watters’ Baked Alaska.

The 31-year-old baker lost his cool when his pudding melted after rival contestant Diana Beard took it out of the freezer – leading Iain to throw it in the bin.

The controversy upset many viewers who accused Diana, 69, of sabotaging the pudding, and she quit the show due to ill health just after the episode was filmed.

A baker’s dozen – 13 – viewers complained to Ofcom with 12 of them concerned at the apparent sabotage of Iain’s dessert, and 811 have complained directly to the BBC.

An Ofcom spokesman said: “Having assessed viewers’ complaints received to date, they do not raise issues warranting further investigation under Ofcom’s rules.”

Speaking on BBC’s Newsnight programme on Thursday, when asked if he would be making a comeback Iain teased viewers by saying: “You will have to watch next week.”

He added that he had spoken to Diana since and had no hard feelings.

He said: “I knew it was going to be quite a big thing as it was a big thing that happened on the show. The reaction has been crazy, there were a lot of comments on Twitter. It’s been really nice support and really built up overnight.

“I was more frustrated and it was just the heat of the moment. In the last half-hour of the show it got very tense.

“I’ve spoken to (Diana) and she’s fine.”