Office star Lucy wouldn’t strip for Duchovny

The former Office star Lucy Davis has told how she refused to bare all in David Duchovny’s new TV show Californication.

The actress plays one of the many women in the world of David’s sex addict character Hank, but says she immediately insisted that she wouldn’t strip off for the part.

Lucy told Grazia magazine: “I saw the pilot and loved it, but I said, ‘Here’s an issue – I ain’t taking my clothes off!'”

Luckily, the blonde managed to convince the show’s producers that her character could keep her clothes on.

“Hank comes on to my character and she knocks him back. I’m the girl who gets to turn him down, which is nice!” she says.

Lucy – who is married to Welsh actor Owain Yeoman – also told how she refuses to slim down to a Hollywood size zero now she’s headed across the pond.

“I can’t live my life depending on whether people think I’m too thin or too fat. I can’t please everybody. So I have to be something that pleases me,” she said.