Ollie Locke reveals how he came by a new role in ITV2’s Plebs

Ollie Locke needs no introduction but prepare to see the Made in Chelsea star as you’ve never seen him before – acting in ITV2 comedy Plebs.

What’s on TV met with the very charming and witty star, who is perfectly cast in Plebs as Aloysius, an on-trend Roman hipster.

Here Ollie Locke reveals how he got the guest role…

Ollie Locke adds a touch of class to Plebs as trendsetter Aloysius

Ollie how did you get involved in Plebs?

“It was the normal process – I auditioned for it. The story goes they tried to audition a few people for the role of Aloysius and hadn’t quite found what they wanted. Then they thought ‘who’s a ridiculous person?’ and thought of me!”

We assumed you’d get offered guest cameos without having to audition?

“In other circumstances, yes. But in Plebs it’s very different. The other guest actors in this new series include serious people like Annette Badland and Robert Lindsay. They don’t usually have reality people doing it! So I auditioned with casting tapes like anyone else. They saw my slight character as someone they could develop, and that’s how it started…”

Ryan Sampson, who plays Grumio in Plebs, said it would be great to get you back. Would you play Aloysius again?

“I tell you what, it’s weird and I do this a lot when it comes to projects, but I immerse myself in everything and think about it a lot. It could be really funny if Aloysius returned because there’s so much to get from the character.”

What adventures would you like to see him embark on?

“It would be amazing if my character became obsessed with Grumio and fell in love with him. Can you imagine Grumio with a gay man after him? It would be terribly awkward!”

Aloysius + Grumio 4eva? Ryan Sampson would love to see Ollie return to Plebs

You’re so well known now – do you mind being spotted everywhere you go?

“It’s fine! It might sound silly but in some places it helps life. Recently I went to see my dad in hospital and he made me take my hat off to get the nurses to come quicker – and they did! In that instance it helped life quite a lot.”

He must be proud of you?

“Dad often says, ‘you’ve to come to the pub’ because he wants to show me off a bit. Older women are my biggest market. Mums love me!”

Series four of Plebs starts on Monday 9th April on ITV2 at 10pm with a double-bill. Ollie Locke guest stars with Annette Badland in the second episode.