Olly, Danyl & Jamie: The Over-25s will win (VIDEO)

The X Factor contestants Olly Murs, Danyl Johnson and Jamie Archer believe it’s the year for the Over-25s to win.

Speaking to whatsontv.co.uk, Jamie ‘Afro’ Archer said: “I really love the fact that the Over-25s from quite early on in, Boot Camp stages, have been quite strong because it raises your game and it makes you want to be better.

“We’re like brothers now, we love each other, but we’re also in competition with each other. But it’s like a healthy competition, we want to do well and we’re bringing the best out of each other we think.”

When asked if they think it’s the turn of their category to return to the winner’s circle all three answered with a confident “Yes!”

You can watch the first round of live X Factor shows on ITV1 on Saturday and Sunday at 8pm.

Watch the exclusive video now: