On location (right now!) – Woody Allen is filming in the Blue Fin Building on Southwark Street, SE1

Are you a big Woody Allen fan?

Woody Allen

Well get yourself down to London’s Southbank pronto because he’s HERE! RIGHT NOW!

Yes, the legendary director is at this very moment no further than a few floors above me in the Blue Fin Building – directly behind Tate Modern.

A big crew is here to shoot some scenes for ‘Woody Allen’s Summer Project’. So far, I have only caught sight of Woody Allen himself (so useful that all the walls in this building are made out of glass!). I can report that he looks exactly like in the photograph and, yes, has a rather neurotic and twitchy body language.

His yet unnamed movie is set in London and stars Josh Brolin, Anthony Hopkins and Naomi Watts among others. And, yes, Josh, Anthony and Naomi are popping in later this evening.

I can’t believe I want to stay late in the office on a Friday night!

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