On-the-run David Cameron leaves This Morning hosts in a stew

A perspiring prime minister added an unusual touch to a health food segment on This Morning by jogging past the camera.

Hosts Amanda Holden and Gok Wan, who was filling in for Phillip Schofield, were surprised to see David Cameron out for his morning run while they created an “exciting superfood salad” outside the ITV studio on London’s South Bank.

Interrupting the live broadcast, the cameras followed the PM’s sweaty back as he jogged into the distance.


Amanda halted the food-preparation session to announce: “David Cameron is jogging on the South Bank. Where is he? He’s just gone past. He’s there in a blue T-shirt.”

Gok yelled: “David, we’ve got smoothie. Want a smoothie, David?”

According to The Mirror, Amanda later admitted she thought Cameron was in great shape, commenting: “He’s in quite good nick, can I say?”

Amanda Holden is a fan of David Cameron's physique (Anthony Devlin/PA)Amanda Holden is a fan of David Cameron’s physique (Anthony Devlin/PA)


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