Only Fools creator: I didn’t see David as Del Boy

Only Fools And Horses creator and writer John Sullivan has apparently revealed that he once feared actor David Jason might not be right for the role of Del Boy.

The 61-year-old told The Sun: “Nicholas Lyndhurst, as Rodney, was the first casting. I’d seen him in a few things and I thought that was a brilliant idea.

“I’d written Only Fools after working at markets when I was 12 and watching these men there with their sheepskin coats and the gold and the rings, which was Del. And they always had this rather sad lookout, which was Rodney.

“But when they told me about David, I didn’t think he could play this tough guy. I’d seen him do physical slapstick roles and thought he was great but I just didn’t see him as Del. Thank goodness I was wrong!”

After meeting David and Nicholas for a chat, John realised he’d found the right man for the part of Del Boy.

He said: “I talked to him for a bit and I thought, ‘Yes, he’s sharp, he can play Del’.

“We hadn’t been talking for long before I ordered a bottle of champagne. I said, ‘We’ve got it.’ The chemistry between those two was instant.”

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