Only God Forgives | Film review – Ryan Gosling loses his cool in Drive director’s ultra-gory Bangkok thriller

only_god_forgives_pkRyan Gosling reunites with Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn for the ultra-violent, ultra-slow-moving Bangkok-set revenge thriller Only God Forgives, whose unflinching gore and crawling pace will probably prove equally off-putting to most viewers. There’s lashings of style on offer, though, as Gosling’s American expat drug dealer seemingly sleepwalks through a series of neon-soaked interiors, urged by his ruthless mother to avenge the death of his brother. This mission brings him up against an implacable, karaoke-singing, sword-wielding police officer, a cop with a fiercely punitive approach to law and order. You may, however, find the sight of a foul-mouthed, bleached blonde Kristin Scott Thomas as the monstrous matriarch the film’s biggest shock.


Released on Blu-ray & DVD by Lionsgate UK on Monday 2nd December.


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