Popstar to Operastar‘s Cheryl Baker has admitted she is ‘terrified’ of forgetting the words to her songs in Sunday’s final.

The Bucks Fizz star – who will go head to head with Joe McElderry for the series title – told The Sun her fear was prompted after she forgot the words during her duet with Joe on last weekend’s show.

“In last week’s duet, I had to come in first but the audience were chatting so loudly I couldn’t hear,” she said.

“So I came in with the wrong words and an octave out. I ended up making up loads of words in Cherylese and I was just singing random sounds that meant nothing.

“Then I was lip-reading off Joe, who saved me.”

And Cheryl also admitted that taking part in Popstar To Operastar has given her an appetite for reality TV – and she would be keen to be a contestant in other reality shows.

“I’d love to do Strictly Come Dancing but not Dancing On Ice because I value my ankles,” she said.

“When you are my age you don’t get offered as many jobs but you still need to earn a living, the same as anyone 30 years younger.”