Strictly stars Ore, Claudia and Judge Rinder reveal what gives them the creeps!

Strictly favourites, Judge Rinder, Ore Oduba and Claudia Fragapane spill the beans about Saturday night's fang-tastic Halloween special

Strictly‘s hotly anticipated fright night is on its way! Stars of the show Judge Rinder, Ore Oduba and Claudia Fragapane tell us why Bruno Tonioli would brighten up a haunted house and why everyone wants to go trick or treating with Greg Rutherford…

Are you looking forward to this year’s Halloween special?
“It’s going to be so amazing. I’ve never actually dressed up in a Halloween costume before, so I can’t wait to be completely Strictly-fied, but in a spooky way.”
Ore: “All of the themed weeks on Strictly are so much fun and it’s a chance for wardrobe to go crazy. One of the funniest things about the show is wandering through the corridors and saying, ‘Oh there’s someone dressed as a sparkly version of Bigfoot today.’ It’s bonkers but brilliant.”
Judge Rinder: “I’m super excited about it – my costume is awesome, trust me.”

Do you usually celebrate Halloween?
“I love dressing up and there was always a Halloween disco at school, where I would leave the girls unimpressed by both my outfits and my dancing. Hopefully this year is a chance to change that. I love those skinsuits with the skeletons on them, always a classic.”
Claudia: “This is my first ever Halloween experience, so I’m very excited. I’ve never been trick or treating or to a fancy dress party because being a gymnast means I’m training all the time.”
Judge Rinder: “I was in New York for Halloween once and I was staggered by how important it is there as a festival. I do like to have fun and I have been invited to Scott Mills’ house for a Halloween party this year. I’ve never dressed up before, but I might go as a huge red lobster as an homage to his samba.”

What scares you?
Ore: “
I have a phobia of birds, we don’t get on well. I’ve always been petrified of them, so much so that we can’t eat outside at a restaurant because if a bird flies by I’ll end up shrieking like a five year old and it will ruin the meal.”
Judge Rinder: “When I’m scared of things I tend to want to confront them. I used to be afraid of heights, but I went skiing when I was little and got over it. I’m not a great one for rats though, if there were one in this room that would be very bad.”
Claudia: “I don’t like spiders, rats or any creepy crawlies, I would absolutely hit the roof if they came near me. It’s a very good job I’m doing Strictly rather than I’m A Celebrity because I wouldn’t be able to eat bugs, I’d be sick and lose all the stars so everyone in the jungle would be angry at me. It’s much safer here!”

Do you enjoy horror movies?
Judge Rinder:
“Not really, I went to see Blair Witch recently with Oksana and her husband, and I just thought the whole thing was so boring. I felt rather sorry for the poor Blair Witch – she built this perfect house in the middle of the woods and all she wanted was to be left alone. I wanted to write her a letter of sympathy. I love Hitchcock though, anything with a psychological element.”
Claudia: “I’m a very nervous person so when something scary is on I’ll cover my eyes straight away. I’m a very jumpy person so I’m not a big fan.”
Ore: “I absolutely hate scary movies, I can’t imagine why someone would pay to see one. My wife is a huge fan and she always wants me to watch them with her, but I’d prefer a romcom. I’m a big softie and I just can’t take it. We watched The Shining at 1am once and I didn’t sleep much that night.”

Which Strictly celeb would you take trick or treating?
Judge Rinder: “
Greg [Rutherford], he’s so funny and decent, the kind of guy you want as your big brother. Given our comparable sizes it would be good for him to dress up as a really tall ghost, with me as a mildly smaller one.”
Ore: “I would pick Greg, too – we have the same birthday so we are already brothers in that way. I’d want us to go as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum from Alice in Wonderland, that just seems right. In fact can we organise that?”
Claudia: “I think it would be fun to go with Judge Rinder and Ore. I’ve never been trick or treating before, I might dress up as a scary dog because nobody does that and I want to be different!”

Which pro dancer would you ride the ghost train with?
Judge Rinder:
“Oksana – she’s absolutely terrified of spiders and bugs. There would be a thin degree of enjoyment at her screaming for once instead of me.”
Claudia: “I’d go with AJ’s partner Chloe. She’s more chilled than me so I’d cling onto her for dear life.”
Ore: “I’d have to go with Jo [Clifton]. We’d both be as useless as each other, but I think we could take it on together and laugh about it afterwards. Saying that we seem to cry a lot on national telly so it would probably be a shambles.”

 Which judge would you take with you to spend the night in a haunted house?
“I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to scary things, so I would need Bruno to distract me with his hilarity.”
Claudia: “I’d pick Bruno too, because he’d just make it funny.”
Judge Rinder: “Definitely Craig because I suspect the ghouls would be more terrified of him.”

Strictly Come Dancing continues on BBC1 this Saturday and Sunday


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