Strictly’s Ore Oduba and Greg Rutherford both turned 30 today!

Imagine that! Two Strictly stars Ore Oduba and Greg Rutherford both turned 30 today and reveal they're planning to celebrate their birthday together

With TV appearances and a busy week of training in the last couple of days before Blackpool week, it probably hasn’t been the most relaxing of birthdays for either Greg Rutherford or Ore Oduba.

But, as they both turn 30 on Thursday, their family and Strictly mates have been making up for it with a day of treats and well wishes.

Here’s just a few of the lucky ducks’ special moments of the day.

Rainbow birthday cake – on the telly!

Complete with Strictly-inspired glitter ball decorations, they’re a kind old bunch over at Good Morning Britain.


We’re not sure which of the two is the most fortunate to get an anniversarial squeeze from the other.

A selection of prezzies from the lovely Natalie Lowe.

Sweeties, spritz, a rather large Starbs and slightly sarcastic birthday card? What’s not to love?!

THESE shorts.

A special mention from a global sporting organisation.

It’s nice to know people care.


Because it’s nice to have childish things as you mark the next age milestone.

Of course, the biggest moment will come if they both make it through another round of Strictly this weekend, as they both perform live from Blackpool. So happy birthday, guys, enjoy your evening and good luck on Saturday!