Ore Oduba lifts Glitterball trophy after being crowned Strictly Come Dancing winner

TV presenter Ore Oduba was crowned Strictly Come Dancing winner after a show-stopping finale against fellow celebrities Louise Redknapp and Danny Mac.

TV presenter Ore Oduba was crowned the winner of this year’s Strictly Come Dancing after a show-stopping series finale.

Ore and dance partner Joanne Clifton looked stunned as Tess Daly announced the results after a public vote.

The BBC presenter had received no dance training prior to taking part on the show, and he finished top of the leaderboard after tonight’s finale.

Earlier today bookies named Ore as the least likely winner, giving him odds of 7-1, while fellow contestant Danny Mac was favourite to win with odds of 8-11.

But Ore proved to be the champion of the night, topping the leaderboard with a total of 119 points out of a possible 120.

The celebrities were each tasked with performing three dances in an attempt to wow the public and win the coveted Glitterball trophy.

Ore and Joanne kicked off the first dance of the night, which was chosen by the judges.

The pair were asked to re-perform their American Smooth to Singin’ in the Rain from week 3.

Ore Oduba

Ore and Joanne were asked to perform their American Smooth to Singin’ in the Rain

The first time the couple performed the dance they caught the attention of Gene Kelly’s widow Patricia, who wrote to the pair and said the performance was a beautiful tribute to her late husband.

Patricia even attended the show tonight to watch the couple perform the dance again.

The dance received the highest praise from the judges, with Len saying: “I was screaming the whole way through. You are the boy that brings joy.”

Bruno agreed, saying: “It was a beautifully crafted tribute to Gene Kelly. Spot on.”

This week’s scores from the judges were for guidance only and had no bearing on the final result.

Ore and Joanne scored a near-perfect 39 for their first dance, setting the bar high for the other two contestants.

Next up was ex pop star Louise Redknapp and partner Kevin Clifton.

The judges asked the couple to perform their Cha Cha Cha to Flashdance from movie week.

It was a chance for Louise to perfect her hip action in an attempt to gain a higher score than 31, which she received the first time round.


The judges asked Louise and Kevin to perform their Cha Cha Cha from Movie Week

Bruno said: “It was scorching hot! It was like a flashback into the 1980s. It was clean and well executed.”

The performance saw Louise score 38 points in total, placing her second in the leaderboard.

Danny and Oti were up next, dancing their Quickstep from week 4.

Expectations were high for Danny as he consistently scored high points throughout the competition and was named as the bookies’ favourite to win today.


Danny’s Quickstep left the judges feeling disappointed

But Craig thought the timing was out at the beginning. Darcey described the mistake as “a shame”, but said Danny is still a superb dancer.

Bruno urged Danny to put the mistake behind him, describing him as “a showman with spotless technique”.

Danny and Oti scored a total of 36 points, sending them to the bottom of tonight’s leaderboard.

For their second dances, the couples were asked to perform a showdance – a routine with no rules, made up of everything they had learned throughout the competition.

Ore and Joanne were first up with a gravity-defying showdance to I Got Rhythm by George and Ira Gershwin.

The pair performed part of the dance on giant drums, and the routine was a mixture of tap, Quickstep and Charleston.


Ore’s showdance blew judges away

The performance blew the judges away, with Len giving the couple a standing ovation and saying: “You couldn’t ask for any more.”

Craig said: “It was like an advanced aerobic step class. It was brilliant.”

The judges unanimously awarded the pair with a perfect 10 points.

Louise Redknapp and Kevin Clifton were next to perform their showdance, which was to Whitney Houston’s One Moment in Time.

The pair danced the routine in ballet shoes, and the couple incorporated a lot of lifts into the routine.

Speaking after the dance, Len said it was a “knockout performance”.


Louise and Kevin’s showdance left Bruno in tears

Bruno thought it was expressive and touching, with fluidity and joy, and was left teary eyed after the dance.

Darcey said she loved how lyrical and fluid the dance was.

Louise and Kevin scored two 9s and two 10s after the performance, matching their score of 38 from the first dance.

Danny and Oti’s showdance was a fiery mixture of Paso Doble, Argentine Tango and contemporary dance to Adele’s Set Fire to the Rain.

After the dance, Bruno said: “That exploded. It was like a firework of passion. Stunning. What a way to come back.”

Craig described the dance as “totally brilliant”, while Len said: “It was full of show and it was full of dance.”


Danny and Oti’s showdance mixed the Paso Doble with the Argentine Tango and contemporary dance

The pair scored a perfect score of 40 points, defending their place in the final.

The finalists then performed their favourite dances of the series.

Ore and Joanne headed back to the dance floor, this time performing their jive from week 4.

The pair scored 39 points the first time round, and they were hoping to do enough to receive a perfect score from the judges in tonight’s final.

The jive, to Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars wowed the judges. Craig said he had nothing to complain about, describing the dance as “virtuosic”.


Ore and Joanne performed a jive

Len praised Ore for coming so far considering he has no background in dancing. Len said: “It is people like you who give me the most joy. You are the spirit of Strictly.”

Ore and Joanne received 40 points.

Next up was Louise and Kevin, performing their Argentine Tango from week 7.

The dance was a defining moment in Louise’s Strictly journey, as it was considered to be the moment she gained more confidence on the dance floor.

The routine scored a near-perfect 39 the first time round, but tonight the couple scored full marks.

Len said: “You have been my most consistent dancer.”

Bruno described the dance as “sultry and sensuous”.

Last to perform were Danny and Oti. The pair selected their record-breaking Samba, which saw them score 10s across the board in week 10.


Danny and Oti scored 40 points for their Samba

After the dance Len said: “It was perfect last time and it was more perfect this time.”

Bruno said: “You are two magnificent animals. It will never be forgotten.”

Darcey described the dance as an “unforgettable Samba”.

As well as the finalists dances, the show saw a touching tribute to Len Goodman, who is retiring from the show after 14 years as head judge.

The rest of this year’s contestants also returned to the Strictly dance floor to collaborate on a dazzling group routine with the show’s professional dancers.

The finalists were asked to line up while Tess announced the winners, and the studio burst into a round of applause after underdogs Ore and Joanne were told they had won the competition.

Ore, who in the lead-up to the final was quoted as saying he did not even dance at his own wedding, was left speechless as he was handed the trophy.

He then thanked his dance partner, the production crew and the show’s judges, before telling Joanne: “I love you with all of my heart. I’m so speechless. I just want to say thank you.”

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