Oscars Muse – Best Feature Documentary nominations

Don’t you just love a good documentary? One of those that really inspire you, stir your emotions or even make you want to get off your butt and make a difference.

The last documentary I saw was at the London Film Festival – Benda Bilili – and it had me choking up from start to finish, even afterwards as the directors did the Q&A.

Here are this year’s Oscars nominated documentaries that are sure to get people talking:

Exit Through the Gift Shop


Read Movie Talk’s review.



Read more on Gasland here.

Inside Job


An expose about the 2008 financial armageddon that promises to enrage. Never afraid to get political, Matt Damon lends his voice as the narrator.



Sort of like The Hurt Locker, but for real. Supposedly it’ll make you feel like you’ve been deployed for 90 minutes.

Waste Land


If you think modern art is rubbish, well, it is… Inspiring stuff from Rio de Janeiro.