I’m really trying my best to have seen as many of the Oscars nominated movies as possible before end of February (so I can win the office sweepstake – again). But the Foreign Language Film is a category that always requires some extra effort.

I can’t complain, though, since I live in London and have the luxury of choosing between many independent cinemas that are likely to pick these titles up.

I noticed, for example, that the Tricycle Cinema in Kilburn is putting on an Oscar season 18-24 February, showing Incendies, Outside the Law and Biutiful plus several of the Best Foreign Language Film semi-finalists. Shame Kilburn is such a bummer to get to.

I wish more cinemas put on Oscar seasons. They could do one category a week. If anybody out there who owns a cinema is listening, I tell you, this would be well received!

Let’s have a look at the nominees then:

Biutiful – Mexico


Dogtooth – Greece


In a Better World aka Haevnen – Denmark


Incendies – Canada


Outside the Law  aka Hors-la-loi
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The same goes for the Best Feature Documentary category. Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you about the nominees.