Oscars Muse – The countdown has begun

Roll out the red carpet! News Muse has thrown on a swanky designer frock and a pair of Jimmy Choo-Choos to walk you through the nominated movies and keep you up-to-date with all things Oscar in the run-up to the big night.

So, the Oscar nominations finally got announced and as usual there weren’t many surprises. Have a look here to remind you of the nominees for the main categories.

I’m also delighted to tell you that the latest announced presenter is none other than fabulous former Oscars host Hugh Jackman (he tweets
Oprah Winfrey (what? why? she’s been in, like, two movies ever!), Halle Berry and Marisa Tomei.

But enough about the hosts and presenters – let’s talk about the nominees! After all, it’s for them all the fuss is made. I thought we’d have a look at the Best Actress category today, just to remind you of their performances or to give you an idea if you haven’t seen the movies yet.

Annette Bening  – The Kids Are All Right


Nicole Kidman  – Rabbit Hole


Jennifer Lawrence  – Winter’s Bone


Natalie Portman  – Black Swan


Michelle Williams  – Blue Valentine


The Golden Globes often show the way to the Oscars and as you may know, Natalie Portman won the Best Dramatic Actress award for Black Swan, so it’s not strange that she is a hot favourite. But then again, Annette Bening got the Globe for Best Actress in the Comedy or Musical category and The Kids Are Alright won Best Motion Picture in that same category.

Nicole Kidman has been nominated and won before while Michelle Williams got nominated for Brokeback Mountain back in 2006.

20-year-old Jennifer Lawrence is the new kid on the block here, but Winter’s Bone has been doing the festival rounds, being nominated and winning too.

Who do you think will go home with a guilded bookend?

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