Ouch! Arlene Phillips spilled hot caramel on her foot during Celebrity Masterchef

Arlene Philips definitely suffered for her love of cooking during Celebrity Masterchef.

As the celebs returned to the Masterchef kitchen for the final challenge of Thursday night’s show, viewers saw Arlene wince after spilling hot caramel on her foot as she prepared a two-course meal.

As we saw Arlene screw her face up in pain, judge John Torode told viewers: “There’s disasters going on all around this kitchen. Arlene has just spilt hot caramel all over her foot and has burned herself and it’s put her in a flat spin.”



But the trooper that she is, Arlene was seen continuing her meal prep, as someone tended to her foot.

“It’s fine,” she told the concerned man while measuring ingredients into a bowl. “Really fine. No, I don’t want to stop.”



Arlene live tweeted throughout tonight’s show, telling one viewer she ‘wished’ she had a meal she prepared earlier at one point.



But despite her efforts, and burning her foot in the process, her food wasn’t up to the job of sending her through to the next round.

John, and fellow judge Gregg Wallace, unanimously agreed to send through Arlene’s fellow contestants Rylan Clarke, Kimberley Wyatt and Craig Gazey.

It was then a choice between Arlene and TV presenter Andy Akinwolere, with them opting to keep Andy in for the next stage of the BBC One show.

“It’s quite emotional when you’re the first to go,” Arlene said in the show. “I live to cook another day and I’m really proud that I did it.”