Oh, no! So it has happened to you too, you’ve phoned every restaurant in town and they are all fully booked!… but don’t despair fellow friends of the heart, Movie Talk has put together the definitive Valentine’s Day DVD list just for you.

So instead of wasting your money on overpriced wine, get the popcorn in, snuggle down with your partner on that tacky furry heart cushion and get ready for a seriously weepy film session

1. Pretty Woman

Leggy Julia Roberts gets lucky when she meets the billionaire of her dreams in every girl’s favourite film.


2. Dirty Dancing

Jennifer Grey has the time of her life when she meets rebel with a heart Patrick Swayze in this toe tapping wonder.

3. Romeo + Juliet

The ultimate love story but get the tissues at the ready for Baz Luhrmann’s beautifully shot masterpiece.

4. Sleepless In Seattle

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks have the kind of chemistry that makes grown men weep in this tale of long distance love.

5. Ghost

Even in death love lives on when Demi Moore loses her one true love; includes the best pottery scene in movie history!

6. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Who couldn’t help but love Audrey Hepburn in that iconic little black dress?

7. Love Actually

Hugh Grant was born for Rom-coms, and hits a home run again in this feel-good British film.

8. Serendipidy

A couple reunite years after the night they first met and fell in love. Almost too good to be true

9. When Harry Met Sally

10. Ever After

Drew Barrymore plays the perfect Cinderella in this modern take on everyone’s favourite fairytale.

Why don’t you let us know your favourites? And, by the way, if you still have any tissues left in the house you could go check out The BFI Valentine’s Day movie season