Out on DVD | Avatar – James Cameron’s 3D epic makes its Blu-ray/DVD debut… in 2D

Avatar - James Cameron’s epic sci-fi adventure makes its debut on Blu-ray

James Cameron’s humungous 3D hit Avatar makes its debut on Blu-ray and DVD today… but only in 2D. The sci-fi epic won’t be anywhere near as eye-popping or immersive as in the cinema, but that doesn’t appear to have deterred fans in the States, who’ve made the film the fastest selling Blu-ray disc ever since its release over there last Thursday.

When, though, will punters get the chance to see the movie at home in 3D? Given that the very first sale of a 3D TV to a member of the British public only happened last Thursday (at John Lewis in Oxford Street to 28-year-old business consultant Matt Rajah), that could be some while yet.

This year will see the big manufacturers (Sony, LG, Panasonic and Samsung) giving 3D TV the big push – a multi-million pound ad blitz is already underway – but an Avatar 3D disc probably won’t appear until next year, although another, extras-laden 2D release is due to appear in November.

I reckon Avatar junkies won’t be able to wait until then to travel to Cameron’s invented moon Pandora and expect the current barebones release of the film is already flying off the shelves.

Released on 26th April.


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