Out on DVD – Blackout


Mexican director Rigoberto Castaneda makes his English language debut with this chilling Indie thriller.

Claudia (Amber Tamblyn) is in a hurry to return to the bedside of her dying grandmother, Tommy (Armie Hammer) is a young tearaway off to elope with his girlfriend, and Karl (Aidan Gillen) is a doctor with a guilty secret in his apartment that he can’t let his wife and daughter see. The problem is that all three are trapped in an elevator in a deserted building – and all three are desperate to get out!

What at first is an inconvenience soon turns into a nightmare when it becomes clear that Karl hasn’t taken his Hippocratic oath too seriously and is in fact a twisted killer! Trapped in the elevator together all three must stay alive until they are rescued… but when their calls aren’t answered and the meagre water supply runs out will Karl be pushed to breaking point?

Claustrophobic and tense, this film isn’t scary enough to have you hiding behind the sofa, but you may just find yourself taking the stairs in future…

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