Out on DVD | Brüno – Sacha Baron Cohen’s gay fashionista: outrageous, yes, but funny?

Brüno - Sacha Baron Cohen plays outrageous gay fashionista Brüno

Sacha Baron Cohen sticks his brass neck out again with Brüno, another mockumentary comedy featuring the exploits of one of his screen alter egos. If you saw Borat, you’ll know what to expect from flamboyantly gay Austrian fashionista Brüno as he travels to the US in a bid to become a celebrity. Without dropping the mask of his outrageous character, Baron Cohen pulls various stunts and pranks on members of the public and the odd famous person (including Paula Abdul and Republican congressman Ron Paul), leaving his victims exposed to ridicule. But the joke is now beginning to wear thin and most of Brüno’s interactions with his unwitting stooges are pretty lame. Baron Cohen is a brilliant physical comedian and delivered hilarious cameos in Talladega Nights and Sweeney Todd. In future, I think he should put Brüno back in the dressing-up box and, ahem, stick to straight roles.


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