Out on DVD | Burn After Reading

 Burn After Reading - George Clooney & Frances McDormand

When a computer disc containing the memoirs of a disgruntled CIA analyst falls into the hands of a pair of dim gym workers, the pair reckon they can take advantage of this unexpected windfall, but their half-baked scheme quickly goes wrong in the Coen Brothers screwball crime comedy Burn After Reading. John Malkovich (the analyst), Frances McDormand and Brad Pitt (the gym workers), George Clooney and Tilda Swinton (a federal marshal and the upper-crust doctor he’s having an affair with) are among the stars lining up to take part in the Coens’ latest darkly comic cavalcade of schmucks, imbeciles and idiots. (Released 9th February)

Are the Coen Brothers taking refuge in glib, smartass cynicism? Read more about the duo’s smart take on stupidity.


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