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Duplicity - Julia Roberts & Clive Owen star in this thriller set in the world of industrial espionage

Julia Roberts and Clive Owen make a classy double act as sneaky partners in love and crime in the romantic caper thriller Duplicity.

The duo play former government spies: Owen an agent for MI6 and Roberts for the CIA. Now in business for themselves, they cook up a cunning scheme to make a financial killing out of the bitter corporate feud between rival multinational cosmetics corporations headed by Tom Wilkinson and Paul Giamatti. Playing both ends against the middle, the secret lovers plot to steal the formula for a revolutionary new product  – yet how much can they trust each other?

Duplicity - Clive Owen & Julia Roberts star in a caper thriller set in the world of industrial espionage

As the deceptions and double-crosses pile up, writer-director Tony Gilroy, co-writer of the Bourne franchise and creator of legal thriller Michael Clayton, keeps us on our toes, constantly wrong-footing the viewer with cunning misdirection and convoluted flashbacks.

But his stars never lose their heads. Owen oozes suavity and virility and Roberts, still a luminous screen icon, dazzles as his foil.

Released 27th July.

A caper about industrial espionage among cosmetics companies: doesn’t that sound like the 1967 Doris Day-Richard Harris comedy thriller Caprice? Read more.


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