Out on DVD | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince - Michael Gambon’s Albus Dumbledore & Daniel Radcliffe’s Harry seek to uncover secrets from Lord Voldemort’s past

Harry Potter’s sixth screen adventure probably won’t bewitch any newcomers to JK Rowling’s globe-conquering saga, but for viewers who’ve followed the young wizard’s exploits over the past decade, David Yates’s film casts a potent spell. Be warned, though: with Daniel Radcliffe’s Harry preoccupied with the coming showdown with evil Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes), the film’s overall mood is very dark.

Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince - London’s Millennium Bridge comes attack

Most of the narrative is taken up with Harry’s efforts, aided by Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore (Michael Gambon), to uncover crucial information about Voldemort’s past – a task that involves winkling a key memory from the mind of veteran professor Horace Slughorn (played by one of the few Brit thesps not to have appeared in the series so far – Jim Broadbent). Some fans of the book won’t like the way the filmmakers have tinkered with the plot, but the spellbinding special effects Yates and his team have conjured up – including the spectacular destruction of the Millennium Bridge pictured here – still take the viewer’s breath away.

Released 7th December.


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