Out on DVD | I Know How Many Runs Your Scored Last Summer


I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer is a great title, writes our special sports correspondent Jim Fone, but unfortunately it’s also the funniest thing about this Australian cricketing horror comedy. That’s right, a cricketing horror comedy, a genre that’s as rare as an attacking shot from Geoffrey Boycott.

With his sharpened stumps, nail-embedded cricket balls and razor-fingered batting gloves, a Pommie bastard psycho serial killer is out for revenge on the now-grown-up kids who bullied him after a school cricket match.

With the one-time bullies holed up in a remote farmhouse, the cricketing killer is determined to wreak bloody revenge with bat and ball.

In the opening scene, the contrast between the horror and the idea of cricket as the epitome of fair play is quite funny, but as gruesome killing follows gruesome killing you’ll find the joke wears off as quickly as the shine on a new ball.

Released 29 June

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