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The International - Naomi Watt’s tenacious New York assistant district attorney & Clive Owen’s dogged Interpol agent pore for clues as they try to expose a crooked bank in Tom Twkyer’s gripping thriller

Gripping – and presciently topical – thriller The International finds Clive Owen’s dogged Interpol agent and Naomi Watts’ equally tenacious New York assistant district attorney joining forces in a bid to bring to a cabal of villainous bankers to book. As the duo follow a global trail of money laundering, arms dealing, terrorism and political assassinations, they discover that the larcenous bankers (inspired by real-life crooked bank BCCI) will stop at nothing to evade justice.

Run Lola Run director Tom Twkyer’s movie pushes all the right buttons in these credit-crunch times, stoking our feelings of outrage and injustice as the bank’s crimes are revealed, and then offering the possibility of vicarious revenge. He stages some great set pieces, too, including an assassination at a political rally in a Milan square and a ferocious shootout at the Guggenheim museum in New York that leaves the art works on the walls shredded and the viewer’s nerves utterly jangled.

Released on 6th July.


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