Outcasts’ Amy Manson: I love being Fearless Fleur!

As things get critical on planet Carpathia, Amy Manson reveals more about her character Fleur Morgan…

Tell us about Forthaven’s security officer, Fleur?

“She’s fighting for a better life since she came off the transporter from Earth when she was seven, without her parents. She unspoilt by cynicism and any baggage and hasn’t any memories of back home on Earth. She’s the light of Carpathia I suppose. I also love all the action stuff and there’s plenty for Fleur to get her teeth into during the series. I like the adrenalin rush of speed and danger – I love to feel frightened. It’s not for nothing that she’s called Fearless Fleur.”

Who is she closest to on Carpathia?

“Probably Cass Cromwell (Danny Mays). They’re both PAS officers (Protection and Security). They’ve got this brotherly and sisterly bond and go about trying to protect Forthaven. After she shoots Mitchell (Jamie Bamber) in the first episode, it alters the course she takes. She finds out about a lot of lies from the top people like President Tate (Liam Cunningham). Gradually she realises that the rights and wrongs on Carpathia aren’t necessarily clear cut. She’s now started questioning things.”

So is Fleur in the series to represent all things good on Carpathia?

“She always thinks of other people beyond herself. More humanity comes from Fleur than many of the others there. She does question why all the time. She’s more understanding of the ACs – the ‘outcast’ human clones – than others on Forthaven. She has a connection with the AC leader Rudi, that’s mesmerising, and there’s the possibility that I might be one of them! Fleur left Earth when she was a young child, so she has no real memories.”

Does Fleur have any relationships in the series?

“She is too into work mode for that, and fighting for justice in Forthaven. There are references to Jack (Ashsley Walters) and I having had a relationship. He’s a bit flirty with Fleur and she has to tell him to bugger off. And they float that there’s a possibility with Cass, who obviously has feelings for Fleur though it’s unclear if she feels the same way. And possibly she likes the clone leader Rudi! So she has plenty of options if she was interested.’

How was it filming in South Africa?

“It’s just such an epic series, it had to be shot somewhere a British audience wouldn’t be too familiar with to make it somehow feel more ‘alien’. So the perfect place was in South Africa. I’ve filmed in Romania and Thailand before, when I did a couple of horror films there. So I knew what I was getting into by living abroad for four months. I wanted to go shark-diving while I was there but I didn’t get the time because we had so many scenes still to film! My boyfriend came to visit and did some shark-diving, though, and the DVD he brought back looked amazing and really exciting.”

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