Paddy McGuinness: German TV is the weirdest!

Take Me Out host Paddy McGuinness hunts down the world’s strangest telly in his new Saturday night show…

Tell us about your new show…

“It’s a celebrity panel show looking at news stories from around the world. It’s kind of a mix between the funny clips Clive James used to look at, and Tarrant On TV years ago. One round might be trying to guess which of three stories is a genuine news story from Ghana – some are pretty left-field – and some rounds the guests get involved in physically as well.”

What’s the weirdest clip so far?

“The thing that sticks most in my mind was a Japanese report about a craze called ‘Bagel Heads’. People pump saline solution under their foreheads so it looks as though they’ve got a bagel or a doughnut under their skin! German TV always throws up some funnies. We have some bloke from Germany identifying the brands of 18 different pairs of football boots with his mouth. Amazing…”

Who’s on the panel?

“Team captains are Celebrity Juice’s Rufus Hound and Rhys Darby, from the BBC4 comedy, Flight of the Conchords. Each week we have different guests including Jonathan Ross, Christine Bleakley, Kimberley Wyatt from Pussycat Dolls and David Hasselhoff. Peter Andre and Vinnie Jones are on the same episode – what an amazing mix. Vinnie has a reputation as a hard man and being quite serious, but he was really funny. Peter Andre was also brilliant – he reveals an absolute world exclusive secret!”

Do you think it could be as successful as your dating show, Take Me Out?

“It’s a little bit more comedy-led and more of a 9pm show. It’s not vulgar or anything, but it will be a different audience. If you have a story about a man who got his willy stuck in a car exhaust pipe in Hungary, then you can’t expect the panel not to do a few gags about it. With Take Me Out, kids like watching it, grown-ups watch it, everyone gets something out of it, I think. I used to like shows like that when I was a kid. I liked watching people like Larry Grayson with my mum.”

What TV do you like now?

“I love comedy, things like 30 Rock and Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm. But what amazes me about my telly habits now is that I get excited about watching Four In A Bed at teatime. I like Eggheads, Come Dine With Me, Celebrity Coach Trip. Your tastes change as you get older!”

*Mad, Mad World screens on Saturdays on ITV1

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