‘Paddy knows Pierce is no good,’ says Emmerdale’s Dominic Brunt

Paddy returns to Emmerdale full of plans to start over with Rhona. But then he sees she has already moved on – to Pierce!

Paddy returns to Emmerdale from Germany this week and he wants to mend his marriage to Rhona. But, as Dominic Brunt explains to Soaplife, she has moved another bloke in – Pierce

Does Paddy believe Rhona is ready to forgive him?
“He thought having given Rhona [Zoe Henry] time and space to get her head straight, she’ll throw her arms around him when he turns up and say, ‘Haven’t we been silly? Let’s carry on!’ So, he decides to surprise her and, of course, he gets a nasty surprise.”

He turns up at the house clutching a bunch of flowers… Then what happens?
“The house is empty and ridiculously clean and that’s not Rhona. She’s slovenly and always has bits and pieces everywhere. Then, Rhona and Pierce [Jonathan Wrather] burst through the door snogging. Paddy can’t believe it and says ‘What were you doing with him?’ Then he gets very angry with Pierce.”

 What does Paddy make of Pierce?
“He knows he isn’t the nice bloke everyone thinks he is. Don’t forget, Pierce’s wife Tess [Nicola Stephenson] told Paddy what he was like with her. He doesn’t like the way he treats Rhona and he knows he’s not a good human being.”

Does Paddy try and win Rhona back?
“Yes, and he makes a complete fool of himself. He locks himself in the house and makes proclamations to Rhona. I don’t think he manages very well. He likes things to be ordered, he’s led a very narrow and small life. He’s mucked it up and just wants everything back the way it was.”

Emmerdale, ITV


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