Pamela Stephenson has worried husband Billy Connolly with her latest quest, a charity swim across the Irish Sea.

The 61-year-old therapist and Strictly Come Dancing star is attempting to swim the Irish Sea this September as part of a one-million pound charity fundraising challenge for Cancer Research UK.

“He’s got used to me going off and doing crazy things, but he’s not at all sure about this one,” she revealed of her husband.

“He’s a bit concerned. He won’t stop me doing it, but I know he’s going to be grilling me and asking what kind of safety and support there is.

“He’s definitely going to be on my case, but it’s good that he’s showing concern.”

Pamela, who has posed for a photoshoot in a swimsuit, will join a team of celebrities, including Ronan Keating, Sir Richard Branson and TV presenter Jenny Frost, to battle the elements in The Swim – a 56-mile relay team challenge from Holyhead to Dublin.

The Australian star says she’s never felt better physically and mentally.

“It’s a great time in my life… I’ve got a new rule in my life: Never say ‘No’ to an adventure!”, she said.