Parkes: ‘Filming with Dennis was weird’ (VIDEO)

Moses Jones stars Shaun Parkes has revealed he felt ‘weird’ working with his TV hero Dennis Waterman while filming the new BBC drama.

Shaun, who plays the title role in the three-part thriller which starts on BBC1 on Monday, said he found it awkward trying to emulate an actor famous for his tough-guy roles – and admitted he had to resist the temptation to sing the Sweeney theme tune.

Shaun told “Filming with Dennis Waterman was quite weird in that I grew up watching him. It felt weird giving it “You slaaag” when I’ve grown up for years watching him go: “You slaaag”. I had to remember what was going on on set because I’m looking at him thinking, I’m such a fraud.”

But he had nothing but praise for the actor, who has starred in such classic TV shows as The Sweeney and Minder.

“Dennis was great – lots of help,” he said. “He’s a character, Dennis, and was a lot of fun to have around.”

Fellow co-star Matt Smith, who was recently announced as David Tennant’s replacement on Doctor Who, also told that the cast and crew of Moses Jones nicknamed Dennis ‘One take Waterman’ due to his ability to complete his scenes in one take.

CLICK below to watch Shaun Parkes talking about his co-star Dennis Waterman

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