Paul Hollywood suffers career blow as US show is cancelled

The Great British Bake Off’s Paul Hollywood has suffered a career blow after his US series The American Baking Competition was reportedly axed.

According to the Mail on Sunday the staff of the CBS produced show – inspired by Bake Off – have been told there will be no second series, and to seek ‘alternative employment’.

It comes in the wake of disappointing ratings for the first series, which was overshadowed by Paul’s alleged fling with co-host Marcella Valladolid.

“It’s over. It’s been cancelled,” a production insider told the paper.

“We’ve all been waiting for CBS to tell us if they were going to pick us up for a second series and this week the call came in saying it’s not being renewed and we should take alternative employment offers.

“Critics hated it and the ratings were abysmal. None of us are particularly surprised, to be honest.”

The show also suffered in the face of bad reviews from the critics – many of whom complained they were unable to understand Paul’s Liverpudlian accent, dubbed ‘posh Scouse’ by one reviewer.

“Paul failed to make an impression in America,” the source added. “Over here we like larger-than-life characters like Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsay. He was too insipid and boring.”

The insider added that rumours of an affair between the two presenters – which contributed to the collapse of Paul’s marriage to wife Alexandra – did not help either.

“Once word got out about their relationship there were fears the backlash could hurt the ratings even more,” the source said.

“To be honest, we knew when the show was midway through airing that it was unlikely to be renewed. The viewing figures just weren’t good enough for a prime-time show on a major network.”

Meanwhile the Sunday Mirror has hinted that the relationship between Paul and Marcella has cooled due to the distance between them while they have both been working.

Paul – who has been filming the fourth series of Bake Off – has also reportedly turned down the chance to appear in Strictly Come Dancing in order to spend more time with his 11-year-old son Josh, following his marriage break-up.