Paul O’Grady is bitten by snake

TV presenter Paul O’Grady has revealed that he was attacked by a poisonous snake.

Chat show host Paul was bitten by the two-foot adder, the only poisonous species of snake native to Britain, at the weekend and was left bleeding from his arm.

The comic was putting wood in his fireplace when he saw the blood streaming out.

He told the Daily Mirror: “I didn’t realise I was bitten at first but I looked at my right arm and there was blood gushing down from it.

Paul did not know what had bitten him until he spotted the deadly snake.

“I saw two puncture marks and I realised I had been bitten – and it must have been a snake.

“It really started to hurt and then I saw the snake on top of the logs. I think it had crawled from inside the hollow of the log.”

Paul then swept the snake out with a broom and phoned his local hospital, who told him to keep a close eye on the bite.

“I’ve come up against a few snakes in my time but normally of the two-legged variety,” Paul added.

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