Paul O’Grady to make teatime TV comeback

Comedian Paul O’Grady is set to return to teatime TV after signing up for a new chat show on ITV.

The Liverpudlian funnyman – also known for his comedic alter ego Lily Savage – will initially make 25 new episodes of the show, to be aired later this year.

And reports suggest that the new show will follow the format of his previous talk shows, mixing guests with entertainment, comedy and music.

Paul – who is due to return to screens this week in a new series of For The Love Of Dogs – said he was excited about his return to the format.

“I can’t wait to get back in the studio, it seems ages since I was sat behind that desk at teatime,” he told the Mirror.

“I’ve missed all the fun and ­craziness of the show – and who knows, I might even get out my old organ…”

Paul originally fronted an early evening chat show on ITV from 2004-2005 before switching to Channel 4 – where the show ran from 2006-2009.

More recently he fronted a late evening show on ITV1 but it ended after two series, amid speculation that Paul did not want to make a third.

He previously indicated that he was not happy with the show format, saying that he ‘felt like part of the PR machine’.

“There was so much interference. They’d want this guest or that guest,” he admitted. “Every question had to go through the lawyers. I was just another plug for someone’s book or film.

“And I can tell you I saw some dross and read some rubbish, but I was too polite to say, ‘how you’ve got the nerve to publish this is beyond me’.”


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