Peaky Blinders shock: Grace shot dead! How will Tommy Shelby respond?

After finally finding happiness with his new wife Grace, Tommy Shelby’s married bliss was totally destroyed at the end of tonight’s Peaky Blinders, leaving fans of the 1920s Birmingham gangster drama in a state of shock.
In dramatic and emotional scenes, Grace (Annabelle Wallis) was shot dead by an Italian gangster at the glamorous Shelby Foundation Ball. A bullet straight into her heart left us in no doubt she’d perished, even though a distraught Tommy (Cillian Murphy) was frantically trying to revive her as the episode ended. Meanwhile, the other Shelby brothers seemed to have turned their rage on the assassin…

So what now for the rest of series and the four remaining episodes? Will Tommy be so overwhelmed by grief he can’t go on? Will he pull himself together for the sake of his young son? Or will he want complete vengeance and spark a gang war unlike anything that’s happened before?

“There’s a hatred in Tommy which runs deeper than anything we’ve ever seen on the show before!” warns Cillian. “Although his ambition has grown, he knows the family also have far more to lose these days.”
Peaky Blinders continues on BBC2 every Thursday at 9pm


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