Pensioner: ‘Deal’ ruined me

A pensioner has said his life had been ruined after winning £75,000 on the game show Deal Or No Deal.

Doug May said he was representing his four children on the programme, presented by Noel Edmonds, and immediately gave £60,000 to them and his 12 grandchildren.

With the remaining funds the retired HGV driver bought a car and has nothing left but now says his benefits have been stopped.

The 76-year-old, from Newquay, Cornwall, said that after the programme, which was filmed in January and broadcast last week, council officers visited his home and told him he no longer qualified for state money.

In total he has lost about £560 a month.

“I’ve been left absolutely penniless,” he said. “I might as well have gone on the show representing social services because that is where the money is going.

“I’ve told them I have no money left but they have said I’ll have to reapply all over again.

“I’ve no idea how I am going to pay the bills. I can’t believe that something that made me so happy has ruined my life.”

A spokesman for Cornwall County Council said they could not comment on individual cases.