‘People can sneer at Death in Paradise if they want but it’s friendly murder,’ says Kris Marshall

Talking about the popularity of Death in Paradise in a recent interview, leading man Kris Marshall revealed why he believed the colourful killings and manicured murders are the key to the series’ success…

“Death in Paradise is a cross between Columbo and Scooby Doo with a Cluedo element. It’s friendly murder! Where else on television does someone get murdered with perfect hair and no blood?”

Kris added: “It’s a sunny whodunit that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s meant to be light, friendly comedy. People can sneer at it if they want to, but it’s a show the whole family can sit down and watch together and try and guess who did it. There are a lot of brilliant angst-y dramas out there, but not every show has to be shot in a Danish alleyway.”

The tone is set in the opening episode of the new series when ruthless distillery owner Elias Thompson is stabbed through the back during a séance. His family, colleagues and workers suspect supernatural foul play. The island’s police force, headed by DI Humphrey (Kris), however, believe its someone closer to home…

Kris says: “It’s a really interesting closed room murder. Humphrey doesn’t believe the killer is a ghost. The childlike part of him wants it to be supernatural, because it would make a brilliant story, but he knows it’s nonsense!”

Death in Paradise returns to our screens with the ghostly killing on BBC1, Thursday January 8, 9.00pm. Guest stars in the opening episode include Murdered by My Boyfriend’s Royce Pierreson, Coronation Street villain and Strictly Come Dancing star Natalie Gumede and Holby City’s Don Gilet.

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