Country: Romania
According to local legend, Strigoi are souls that rise again after death to seek justice if they’ve been wronged. This black comedy horror follows a young man called Vlad who comes face to face with these undead creatures while investigating a mystery as to who really owns his grandfather’s land.

Unbeknownst to Vlad, his relatives and the locals have killed and buried the town’s wealthiest landowner, who returns from the dead looking for vengeance. And when Vlad discovers the truth, the bewildered lad has to pick sides: his family or the bloodsuckers.

With the vampire genre so jammed-packed with predictable clichés, director Faye Jackson has served up a deliciously wicked tonic with this seriously funny farce. Slow-going in parts, but with a stirring soundtrack filled with gypsy-inspired tunes, Strigoi is also unforgiving in the subjects it pokes a finger at (especially with regards to communists, gypsies, Turks and Israelis). It’s also shot entirely in English, which is strange at first, but the cast are simply brilliant. Crazy, but brilliant.

Released 22 August on DVD and as a download, through Bounty Films (UK) and Breaking Glass Pictures