The sequel to Neil Marshall’s hit horror The Descent picks up where the original left off. A deeply traumatized Sarah (Shauna Macdonald returning to the role) has survived her terrifying ordeal against monstrous creatures living in the caves beneath the Appalachian Mountains.

Not believing her account of what went on and suspecting her of foul play, the local sheriff forces Sarah to return underground with a rescue team in charge of tracking down the five fellow adventurers she left behind. Before long, the would-be rescuers become trapped and soon face the same deadly inbred feral creatures (the crawlers) that picked off Sarah’s friends in the original.

Can poor Sarah survive another excursion into this cavernous charnel house?

The directorial debut of Jon Harris, who was Marshall’s editor on the original (as well as the editor on the brilliant Brit flick Eden Lake, which also features a blood-and-mud-caked woman in peril), this sequel retains the dreaded claustrophobic atmosphere of the original, while the crawlers are no longer menacing shadow figures, but vicious and deadly characters in their own right.

Harris handles the reins of the sequel firmly, giving the audience enough shocks, scares and some extremely gruesome death scenes to satisfy most fans. But one can’t help see a lot of similarities between this and another more famous sequel: Aliens, in which Sigourney Weaver’s unbelieved Ripley had to accompany a rescue team back to the planet where she encountered a deadly life-form. Still, if you are going copy a film, you might as well copy from the best.

On general release from 4 December.


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