Pete’s Peek | Aussie chiller Coffin Rock


Fusing Fatal Attraction with Cape Fear, this tense little edge-of-your-seat Aussie thriller should have been called Cradle Rock.

With her biological clock ticking away, Jess wants a kid, but her fisherman husband Rob is not so sure. Enter unhinged Irishman Evan who wants Jess to be his and his alone. When Jess and Rob come to blows over their baby making, Evan gets his chance to have sex with a drunken Jess.

Moving swiftly into Fatal Attraction territory, Evan starts stalking Jess, when he (and the whole town) learns she has fallen pregnant. But who’s the father? Jess is too afraid to tell Rob her fears, and Rob is too afraid to find out the results of his sperm count test. Meanwhile, Evan will stop at nothing to make Jess love him.

Lisa Chappell and Rob Taylor fit comfortably in their roles as the married couple undergoing a domestic crisis, while rising star Sam Parsonson gives his all as psycho Evan – though his character is just too disturbed to sympathise with (especially when he kills a motherless baby kangaroo).

And spare a thought for poor cocky fisherman Benny (Joseph De Re). Watching him get beaten up, burnt, poked in the eye and thrown off a cliff had me feeling very sorry for him by the end of the movie.

For film fans that like solid story telling with a good scare, Coffin Rock is a very grown-up thriller from such a young director – and it’s nice to see the dark side of Oz for a change.

In selected UK cinemas from 23 October