Pete’s Peek | Babysitter Wanted


Fans of The Omen and Rosemary’s Baby will get a kick out of this slick chiller which sires a new addition to the brood of Satan genre.

After a potentially-gory scene, we meet wholesome, god-fearing Bakersfield teen Angie, as she takes up Art History at a community college in a small remote town (is Art History really a big thing in rural America?).

Forced to share a room with a skinny stoner who’d give Amy Whinehouse a run for her money in the personal hygiene stakes, Angie finds solace praying at the local church where she meets wholesome, god-fearing, fellow student Rick. But something is troubling her – she thinks someone is stalking her.

Angie then accepts as job at a remote farmhouse babysitting a seemingly-normal couple’s creepy kid, Sam, who wears a cowboy suit and who only utters one word, ‘Hungry’, in a deep gutteral tone.

After beating the crap out of her stalker – who’s actually a priest – Angie discovers […SPOILER AHEAD…] Sam’s the son of Satan. Seems his parents have been forced to move from town to town because of the tike’s craving for female virgin flesh.

Soon our heroine is locked up in the barn as daddy despatches Sam’s next feed. But how will Angie escape? Will the cops ever arrive? And what’s happened to the lovely Rick?

Babysitter Wanted is a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat, affair. And apart from one very bloody dismemberment scene, it isn’t as gruesome as you’d expect.

It’s also perversely funny, especially as the filmmakers seem to be having a sly dig at the Christian far right. Sarah Thompson’s Angie is portrayed here as a modern-day Saint George, out to slay the dark forces of Satan. But while she comes across like Mia Farrow’s naïve Rosemary, there’s also a tough, mercenary side to her. And when push finally comes to shove, there’s no stopping our Ange. Well, as it says in the Old Testament, ‘An eye for an eye’.

This Lionsgate DVD release comes with a behind-the-scenes short.

Released 23 February