Pete’s Peek | Basket Case director Frank Henenlotter is back with Bad Biology


If you loved director Frank Henenlotter’s bonkers 1982 cult Basket Case or his trippy 1988 frightfest Brain Damage, then you’ll just love Bad Biology – an outrageously-twisted horror comedy about an insatiable nymphomaniac’s search for sexual fulfilment.

Born with unusual anatomy, photographer Jennifer has a real problem dating. Seems every time she has sex, she gives birth to a mutant baby. Meanwhile, across town a young man called Batz has his own sexual hang-ups – his injection of steroids has increased his manhood to mammoth proportions and now it’s got a life of its own. But are Jennifer and Batz destined to meet – and mate?

Deliciously-perverse and jaw-droppingly offensive, Bad Biology is certain for cult status and a welcome addition to Henenlotter’s body-horror oeuvre. The climax – no pun intended – is a hilarious homage to William’s Castle’s The Tingler

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