Fans of no-budget independent horror rejoice. Brain Damage Films – the DVD label devoted to appealing to the dark side of fright fans and gorehounds alike – is releasing six tales of terror, at a price that won’t break the blood bank.

The newly-launched label’s six shockers hit the shelves on 21 September at just £2.99 each – which is a bonkers brilliant price, given the quality of the titles on offer.

Here’s our rundown of the fun-filled frighteners featuring ghostly goings on, vicious serial killers, mad scientists, reanimated corpses, flesh eating beasts, creepy killer clowns and twisted, sado-masochistic freaks.

Secrets of the Clown
Following the murder of a friend, Bobbie turns to a psychic in the hope of contacting his spirit and finding some answers. But what’s his big secret?
Our verdict: ‘Let’s hope he’ll keep it secret for centuries to come’.

Silent Blood Night
After some teenagers get their comeuppance at the hands of the family whose daughter they’ve raped, a TV reporter becomes their next target.
Our verdict: ‘These guys have been watching so many splatter films over the years, they know how to do effective death scenes, but that’s it.’

A mad doctor turns his nephew Eddie into a Munster, sorry monster, when his cure-all serum starts showing severe side effects.
Our verdict: ‘It’s really about men trying to pick up, and makes no sense… at all!’

Death of a Ghost Hunter
A spook sleuth spends three nights in a haunted house. Along for the ride are a cameraman, reporter and spiritualist. Who will die first?
Our verdict: A mildly interesting creep-fest that comes across like an episode of Most Haunted with a dash of that daft Medium.

Prey for the Beast
A group of weekend warriors and sexy hikers are hunted by a woodland beast in this Roger Corman-inspired Z-grade man versus beast terror-thon.
Our verdict: ‘Four blokes, three birds running around in a forest get chased by a Disney-styled Beauty and the Beast look-alike creature. Pray for the end’.

Torture Me no More
An ex-con computer hacker enlists the help of the very odd Delilah to confront serial killers, child molesters and rapists, in a bid to find who killed his brother.
Our verdict: ‘Sounds intriguing, but this is a student-made movie of the lowest degree – even the trailer makes no sense. Watching this really is torture’

Released 21 September