Fresh from its debut at Film4 FrightFest comes the British urban hoodie horror, Cherry Tree Lane from London to Brighton and The Cottage director Andrew Paul Williams.

The very middle class Christine (The Prisoner’s Rachael Blake) and Mike (Doctor’s Tom Butcher) find their cosy family life turned sideways and then some when a group of teenagers invade their home. What follows is night the couple will never forget.


This single location feature is a bit of a mixed bag: part thriller, part social commentary, and while the subject matter is very now and totally believable, the young cast sometimes struggle with the dense script. While critics and FrightFest attendees were divided in their opinion of the film, Andrew Paul Williams should be commended for attempting to add meat to such a well-worn genre.

Cherry Tree Lane gets its DVD release on 13 September and, courtesy of Metrodome, there’s a free screening happening at The Alibi