Pete’s Peek | Colin, the £45 zombie flick at the cinema and on DVD


Told from the perspective of a zombie, first-time director Marc Price’s homemade horror stars newcomer Alastair Kirton as the eponymous Colin, who literally falls out of his house one day in pursuit of human flesh.

But Kirton’s undead Londoner isn’t the kind to gore, eat and run. The young actor -who looks the spitting image of actor John Amplas, the young bloodsucker in George A Romero’s cult classic, Martin – gives Colin pathos and sensitivity, much like the zombie Bub in Romero’s Day of the Dead, as he shuffles through London’s zombie-filled streets, from one encounter to another.

Daisy Aitkens plays the heartbroken sister, Linda, who tries to help Colin when a gang of muggers attacks him. But when she is bitten, she’s forced to leave Colin to his fate.

‘Bedroom’ filmmaker Marc Price has proven that, despite limited resources, young filmmakers can make movies that can be inventive and engaging – so long as you have a vision. And Price does. The way he shoots each scene with his dated camcorder, lighting and sound equipment is done with skill and dedication; and the editing and post-music score is handled with equal care. Especially effective are the sound effects (the sound of bones crunching are quite chilling), the make-up (gory rather than garish), and the inventive camerawork.


Colin gets its Gala cinema premiere on 23 October at the Prince Charles Cinema in London. There will also be some Halloween screenings at The Ritzy in Brixton and the National Film Theatre at the BFI Southbank on 31 October. Check the film’s website for regional screenings.