What do you do when you’re a highly-paid Premier League footballer with some spare dosh lying around? How about making a movie? Well, that’s exactly what Rio Ferdinand and Ashley Cole have done with the cracking buddy road movie Dead Man Running.

Danny Dyer (so perfect as the cocky East End lad he doesn’t ever need to do anything else) is Bing Keen, the best mate of Nick (Tamer Hassen, soon to be seen as Ares in Clash of the Titans), who has just 24-hours to pay £100,000 to a US loan shark (Curtis ‘50 Cent‘ Jackson in need of some acting lessons) or else he and his dear mum (Brendan Blethyn in a spot-on comical role) will be heading for a shallow grave.

What follows is fast-paced race against time as our anti-heroes race around some iconic London sights  – and the outskirts of Manchester – making dodgy deals with some suitably mad characters, including  jive-talking yardies, a Scottish drug dealer with a love of soft furnishings, and even Omid Djalili (surrounded by a bevy of busty burlesque dancers). But every time our two dodgy geezers get their hands on some bags (cash, that is), someone steals it from them. Now that’s just not sporting, is it?

Predictable but fun, Dead Man Running is the ultimate blokes film. With more swaggering than a Guy Ritchie movie, you can almost smell the testosterone as Nick and Bing banter, bicker and bond as they hit the road. Thank god Brendan Blethyn’s around to bring some style to the proceedings – her housebound hostage drama at the hands of Philip Davis’ gunman is worthy of a movie in its own right.

Perfect viewing just before a night out with the boys.