Pete’s Peek | Enter the wild, wild world of RoboGeisha


From the Japanese masters behind the violent action adventures The Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police comes the OTT madness that is RoboGeisha. Sisters Yoshie and Kikue are two Geisha who are abducted by a sinister steel organization to be transformed into cyborg assassins.

Surgically-enhanced with a variety of crazy weapons including butt blades, machine breasts, wig napalm, killer cleaver socks and deadly breast milk, Yoshie and Kikue embark on a killing spree under the orders of a megalomaniac and his son Hikaru who are secretly building a doomsday device, a Giant Castle Robot, that they intend to unleash on Japan.

But when Kikue is destroyed while on assignment and Yoshie refuses to kill members of a resistance group whose daughters have been turned into RoboGeisha, Yoshie is next to be targeted. She then switches sides, turns herself into a tank, and sets out to stop the Giant Castle Robot from setting off an atomic bomb on Mount Fuji.

Deliriously inventive and jaw-droppingly crazy, RoboGeisha looks like John Waters meets Dr Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine, with a dash of Power Rangers and Godzilla. I found myself shouting ‘Oh my God!’ at the hilarious and very bloody death scenes which are shot with such a brilliant sick sense of humour that you will want to watch his wonderfully insane film over and over again.

Released 7 June

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