Pete’s Peek | From Within – packed with chills!


Supernatural fans will get a chill of excitement out of this scary little tale of sorcery, revenge and murder. Like a feature-length version of the popular TV drama, albeit minus that show’s heartthrob leads, From Within, has its own pin-up in the form of former Terminator star Thomas Dekker.

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Dekker plays small-town outcast Aiden, whose mother died in mysterious circumstances, and whose brother commits suicide in the film’s opening sequence – in front of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter Rumer, no less.

When Rumer’s goth chic also commits suicide, her best friend Lindsay (played by Mad Men star Elizabeth Rice) suspects something sinister is at foot. Further bizarre deaths cause fear and panic among the town’s residents, bringing Lindsay and Aiden together in a bid to stop a curse that has been placed on the town.

If you loved the Final Destination, The Grudge and The Ring series of the movies, then this supernatural shocker is a chilling addition to the genre, and the leads are not half bad to look at either. A thrilling teen terror ride that’ll have you scared silly.

Released 24 August

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