Long out-of-circulation, Jean-Luc Godard’s enigmatic 1964 masterpiece makes it’s UK debut thanks to Masters of Cinema. The divine Macha Méril plays the bored wife of a pilot who carries on her affair with an actor whenever her husband jets out of Paris.

Complex, thought-provoking and featuring some breathtaking cinematography, Goddard’s eighth feature abandons traditional narrative style in favour of fragments of teasing montages – producing some sublimely suggestive erotic sex scenes.

Complex, funny and graceful, this is cinema at its best, and an important work by Goddard at a defining moment in his career.


Gorgeously restored by Eureka, this DVD and Blu-ray release includes new English subtitle translations, the original trailer, and an 80-page book stuffed with brilliant essays and production notes.

Truly one to screen on that 42″ HD screen at home.

Released 25 January