Pete’s Peek | Old school Vampire vs The Twilight Saga: Eclipse


Fans of bloodsucking fare like The Twilight Saga and TV shows like The Vampire Diaries and True Blood should beware, this DVD release might be about a modern-day vampire, but it’s definitely old school.

Babylon 5 actor Jason Carter plays Simon Molinar, a Tom Savini-looking age-old vampire who is caught by police tracking down a serial killer dubbed Vlad, who drinks the blood of his victims. When a government task force steps in, Vlad/Simon soon finds himself locked up in a secret medical facility, where he undergoes a range of increasingly brutal examinations in a bid to uncover the secret of his immortality.

While Simon agrees to play guinea pig, the doctor in charge of his care (The Sentinel’s Garett Maggart) becomes concerned for Simon’s welfare. Meanwhile, the detective who originally arrested Simon begins to have a strange psychic connection to the vampire.

Originally titled Demon Under Glass, this low-budget indie, shot like a daytime soap opera using minimal sets, was actually made back in 2002. It’s well-written – the big theme here is every discovery has its price – but its very wordy, and there’s little in the way of action as a result. But the actors give honest performances, especially veteran actor Jack Donner’s chief scientist, who reminded me of Basil Rathbone (in cult director Curtis Harrington’s cobbled together 1966 sci-fi Queen of Blood) and 1950s B-movie favourite Whit Bissell.

Vampire might not score with the Twilight crowd, but a new documentary might. Twilight: An Obsession The Unauthorised Story is a behind the scenes look at author Stephenie Meyer’s cult phenomenon. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner all feature, as does Dakota Fanning, one of the stars of the third outing, Eclipse. There’s also a look at the fangtastic success True Blood, which has just started its third season in the US.

Vampire released 5 July

Twilight: An Obsession The Unauthorised Story released 12 July

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