Notorious 1970s serial killer Ted Bundy gets the Boogie Nights treatment in Bundy: A Legacy of Evil, a new direct to DVD real life crime thriller. Director Michael Feifer seems to be making serial killer biographies his forte as he’s already retold the stories of cannibal Ed Gein, mass murderer Richard Speck, psycho drifter Henry Lee Lucas and Boston Strangler Albert DeSalvo.

Former Stargate SG-1 actor Corin Nemec (looking like a young Stephen McHattie, remember him?) takes the title role of handsome charmer Bundy, a Seattle-based psychology student who abducted, bludgeoned, raped and murdered scores of young women before he was rightfully sent to the electric chair in 1989.

Nemec’s performance is standout (his grin will give you nightmares), and Feifer makes a valiant attempt to show Bundy’s human side – through his doomed relationships – rather than dwell too much on his horrific actions (although these scenes are terrifying, especially the murder of the two sorority girls).

But the end product is a bit of a mess. There is too much reliance on music, making it sound like the soundtrack to a serial killer’s life. There’s also a noticeable nod to A Clockwork Orange when Bundy goes into full psycho mode, accompanied by classical music.

Legacy of Evil looks great, sounds great, and Colin’s great. But there’s no real depth here. Ted Bundy makes for a great story, as he’s a human contradiction – an educated, boy-next-door, charmer who just happens to be one of America’s worst serial killers. Countless books and films have been made about him, including the brilliant 1986 TV movie, The Deliberate Stranger, with Mark Harmon, so do we really need another? You be the judge.

One for serial killer fans only…

Released 14 September